Come on board

When choosing the right licensing solution together with the right package our consultants are standing by making sure you get the most out of your investment. We are happy to demonstrate our software online, or right where you’ll implement it – at your Laboratory.

Start saving time

Our team will get you set up and guide you through the installation process. We help you implement your own customized spermiogram and define your preferred Standard Operating Procedure. Providing remote desktop support enables us to get you quick access to answers for individual questions.

Keep in touch

We update our software on a regular basis making sure our clients benefit from AKYmed’s latest developments. We also conduct regular health checks on all running systems assuring that your CASA software meets high performance standards at all times.


The newly launched QualiSperm software is a big step forward and it comes with support you can count on. At AKYmed we are constantly working on improving our services and looking forward to hearing many inspiring comments about our latest release. Check our FAQ’s or feel free to contact us if you have any questions – we are here to help.

How much education do I need before I can use the software?

The main objective when developing QualiSperm was to create a system based on true intuitive handling. Many of our customers have implemented the system and were in full production within 3-5 hours.

What is the advantage compared to manual analysis?

The answer is simple. Modern image recognition technology outsmarts the human eye. Instead of using manual techniques such as delusion of samples often needed in manual analysis QualiSperm works faster and more accurate applying advanced technology to maximize accuracy.

How does QualiSperm enhance my Quality Control system?

All image sequences are stored analog to the patient data. An ejaculate can be reassessed at any time – also remotely. You can prove your results at any time. This is a big advantage in education of lab technicians and guarantees a constant quality in lab chains.

How much time do I save by implementing QualiSperm?

AKYmed together with its partners has estimated the increased efficiency up to 15–20% by implementing QualiSperm.

Can I purchase modules or do I need to buy the entire solution?

We have created a palette of modules that fit your individual needs. Combined with flexible licensing solution we are able to hand craft the solution that works best for your size and turnover.

More questions?

If so, why don’t you get in touch with us so we can talk about your questions.

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