Stand-alone and
Enterprise versions

Our solution is available as a Stand-alone application or it can also be seamlessly integrated into Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) via standard interfaces in order to optimize the customer workflow.

This version is called the Qualisperm Enterprise version and enables our customers to use the “pay-per-analysis” business model which is based on the number of analyses performed with our system per month. Such a business model makes the entry barrier lower in terms of upfront investments for customers.

Stand-alone version

Stand-alone version

  • Local database to store measurement results and videos sequences
  • Fixed license fee per year
Enterprise version

Enterprise version

  • Client-server architecture
  • HL7 or JSON interfaces for LIS integration
  • “Pay-per-analysis” business model


Automated analyses
Video and Image sequence recording
Manual Counters

Cell counter, Motility counter, Vitality counter, Morphology counter, Antibody counter, Fragmentation counter

Patient File Storage
Tailored Spermiograms from WHO
Customized Patient Reports
AKYmed Support
Barcode Reader
Server / LIS integration

QualiSperm Enterprise can seamlessly integrate with your Laboratory Information System (LIS) including several workstations and servers. Contact us to learn more about an enterprise solution tailored to your specific needs.

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