EU Parliament has finally adopted the Nature Restoration Law (NRL)

This week, the EU Parliament has finally adopted the Nature Restoration Law (NRL)! 🎉

This is fantastic news! It’s a significant political acknowledgment that biodiversity and healthy ecosystems are not just concerns for a few environmentalists, but are vital to the functioning of our environment (including our climate) and, ultimately, essential for humanity to thrive.

The law aims to restore ecosystems (forests, grasslands, wetlands, rivers, lakes, coral beds, etc.), increase biodiversity, reverse the decline of pollinators, and restore 25,000 km of rivers to a free-flowing state. Read more about the law here:

This news resonates deeply with us at Noah Genetics, as we are already involved in several nature restoration projects:

🐟 Atlantic Salmon Reintroduction: We collaborate with WWF Switzerland, the cantons, the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Aquabios and SKF-CCSP to reintroduce the extinct Atlantic salmon in Switzerland. We have built a sperm bank of wild returning males for restocking using wild genetic material. The EU NRL is crucial for this species to return to Swiss waters!

🐠 European Grayling Support: Working with the Université de Lausanne and the canton of Bern, we provide sperm cryopreservation to support the restocking of the locally endangered European Grayling.

🦐 Endangered Crayfish Genetic Diversity: In partnership with ZHAW, we help develop genomic-based mating plans for an endangered crayfish species, enhancing the genetic diversity and resilience of the population.

We hope the implementation of the NRL will lead to more successful initiatives in the coming years. At AKYmed, we are eager to embark on more exciting and meaningful projects like these.

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